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There are currently 158 art pieces in the catalog.

ImageArt Title Artist's Name Description Location
Poet's Garden   Benches inscribed with poetry along a wooded path Highland Park, opposite the Lamberton Conservatory
Legal Wall Graffiti   An impressive display of very creative and energetic graffiti applied to backs of buildings Behind 200 Anderson Avenue, in the Neighborhood of the Arts
Cab Calloway Monument   Monument to one of Rochester's own Otto Henderberg Square, on Sycamore Street, Swillburg Neighborhood
Tojo Memorial Garden   Trickle fountain, garden pond and stone lanterns Rochester Institute of Technology
Ferry Terminal Paintings Nicholas Agnello 3 paintings representing historic scenes Rochester Ferry Terminal, 4791 Lake Avenue
Dream Dexter Benedict Figure waiting at the door Corporate Woods Office Park
  Oracle Dexter Benedict One of 7 pieces at Corporate Woods. Corporate Woods Office Park
  Orpheus Dexter Benedict One of 7 pieces at Corporate Woods. Corporate Woods Office Park
Messenger Dexter Benedict Bronze figurative sculpture Corporate Woods Office Park
  Col. Partick Henry O'Rorke Dexter Benedict Portrait bust Visitor's Center, The Center at High Falls
Children in the Hand of God Dexter Benedict Bronze hand holding a boy with a Torah and a girl Temple Brith Kodesh - Courtyard
Birdman Dexter Benedict Cast Bronze Corporate Woods Office Park
  Seventh Spirit Dexter Benedict A small bronze angel Unknown, stolen from 164 Gibbs Street, in Grove Place
Thought Dexter Benedict Figurative sculpture, waiting outside the entrance Corporate Woods Office Park
Workman Poet Dexter Benedict Bronze figurative sculpture Corporate Woods Office Park
Zeus Dexter Benedict Bronze figurative sculpture Corporate Woods Office Park
  Sundial Alistair Bevikngton A modern sundial, designed by an architect In the Residence Quad, Rochester Institute of Technology
Bragdon Windows Claude Bragdon Stained glass windows Universalist Church, 150 Clinton Avenue, South
Tribute to Man Kerro Bruegging A walkway and observation tower suspended over a sunken fountain area with a concert stage Howard Hanson Plaza in Manhattan Square Park Chestnut Street at Court Street
Sound/Play Sculptures Bill & Mary Buchen A playground featuring big ears, eyes, a gong, slapped pipes, twist, wind reeds and parabolic benches Manhattan Square Park, Chestnut Street at Woodbury Boulevard
Wallana Deborah Butterfield A larger than life horse that looks like it's made of twisted branches Memorial Art Gallery, 500 University Avenue
Balance Juan Carlos Caballero-Perez Soaring steel sculpture with elements balanced at the top Flatiron Building, 706 University Avenue
Big Head Sean Calyer Welded steel head Courtyard, Village Gate, 274 North Goodman Street
George Elwanger Tomb Nicola Cantalamessa-Papotti George Elwaner's tomb in M.t Hope Cemetery Mt. Hope Cemetery, 1133 Mount Hope Avenue
Weary Pilgrim Nicola Cantalamessa-Papotti Aaron Erickson's tomb by Nicola Cantalamessa-Papotti Mt. Hope Cemetery, 1133 Mount Hope Avenue
In Memory of Lives Lost Lucien Casartelli The monument consists of a stepped black granite base supporting two bronze towers topped by a waving American flag Clinton Square Courtyard, 206 East Broad Street
Henry Lomb Memorial Walter H. Cassebeer An art deco obelisk Upper Falls Blvd. at St. Paul Street
Lunar Eclipse Wendell Castle Clock on top of a misaligned segmented column Rochester International Airport (Storage), 1200 Brooks Avenue
Metamorphosis Wendell Castle Lighted wall relief Winter Garden, Bausch & Lomb, One Bausch & Lomb Place
Twist Wendell Castle Pretzel-shaped red plastic sculpture Between the Sister Cities Pedestrian Bridge and Mortimer Street
Monroe Gateway Guy Chiazza A "Gateway" sculpture that includes objects found in the neighborhood by by children The corner of Monroe Avenue and Laburnam Crescent
Laura D. Knapp Monument Stonecarvers Collaborative Elaborately carved stone marker Mt. Hope Cemetery, 1133 Mount Hope Avenue
Trust and Security Jesse Corbin Bas-relief sculpture Times Square Building, 45 Exchange Boulevard
  Family Tree Eddie Davis Bronze narrative sculpture Lamberton Conservatory, in Highland Park
Children At Play Sylvia Reid Davis Designed by Sylvia Davis, fabricated by Mark McDermott School of the Arts, Prince Street at University Avenue
Construction105 Jose de Rivera Rotating twisted oval that does not turn any more Rochester Institute of Technology
Animal Totem John Dempsey Chain saw sculpture based on student's pictures of animals Rochester City School #23, 170 Barrington Street
Frederick Douglass Sidney Wells Edwards Bronze figure Highland Park, Resevoir at South Avenue
Goethe William Ehrich Stylized head on a base Highland Park, Reservoir at South Avenue
Civil War Monument Sallie Farnham Bronze monument of a soldier and boy Mt. Hope Cemetery, 1133 Mount Hope Avenue
Untitled Ceramic Mural Kurt Feuerherm, James and Phil Secrest Multi-panel ceramic mural Formerly on the balcony, Midtown Plaza, Main Street. (Removed, wiating for a new location)
Frederick Douglass Mural K. Fitch Portrait of Frederick Douglass On a traffic signal control box at the intersection of Main, West and Chili Avenues
Rochester Project Richard Fleischner 6 part site-specific Installation in a riverside park Charles Carroll Plaza, Andrews Street at the Genesee River
Firemen Joseph P. Flynn Relief sculptures of stylized firemen flanking the entrance Rochester Fire Station, 414 Andrews Street
George Eastman Memorial Leo Friedlander Marble pillar with 2 figures Kodak Park, 1700 Lake Avenue, near Ridge Road
Dragonslayer Jim Gary A dinosaur skeleton sculpture Canal View Office Park, Canal View Boulevard
Engineers Have Fun Too Nancy Gong Bus shelter In front of Gleason Works, 1000 University Avenue
Another Little Adventure Nancy Gong 2 leaded glass windows Rochester Ferry Terminal, 4791 Lake Avenue
Let Me Be Your Shelter John & Laurie Grieco Bus shelter 822 University Avenue
Clock of Nations Victor Gruen and Dale Clark Tall animated musical clock originally at Midtown Plaza Temporarily located at the Rochester International Airport, 1200 Brooks Avenue
Collecta Cultura Jill Gussow Mosaic mural in the student union commons Wilson Commons, Student Union, U of R, River Campus
Three Forms Roy Gussow Interlocking triangular forms on a marble base Xerox Building, 1 Xerox Square
Equilateral Six Duayne Hatchett Twisted square In front of the Kenneth B. Keating Federal Building, State Street
Fireman's Monument H.S. Hebard A uniformed figure atop a pedestal overlooking the fireman's section Mt. Hope Cemetery, 1133 Mount Hope Avenue
Schiller Monument Carl August Heber A glowering bronze bust Schiller Park - Andrews Street at Franklin Street
  Les Racines et les Raisons Jennifer Hecker A steel sculpture representing a bed incorporating images depicting Brockport's history. Remembrance Park, at Park and High Streets
Growth of Man Joe Hendrick Carved panels with symbols on the facade Virgil I. Grissom School #7, 31 Bryan Street at Dewey Avenue
  Austin Steward Bust Calvin Hubbard Bronze bust 2nd Floor - Clarion Hotel Riverside, 120 Main Street East
War Memorial Eagle Carl Paul Jennewein Eagle breaking chains that are falling away War Memorial Plaza, near Court Street
Liberty Pole James Johnson A modern interpretation of a traditional liberty pole Liberty Pole Plaza, at the corner of Main and Franklin Streets
Edward Mott Moore Thomas Hudson Jones Bronze seated figure looking toward the river Genesee Valley Park
Emergence (two sculptures) Nancy Jurs Ceramic sculpture with vaguely human form Memorial Art Gallery, 500 University Avenue
  Lady Rochester Nancy Jurs Ceramic sculpture Linden Oaks Office Park, 400 Linden Oaks
Triad Nancy Jurs Site-specific ceramic sculpture In storage at the Rochester International Airport, 1200 Brooks Avenue
Historical Charlotte John Kastner Mural representing Charlotte's history Charlotte Library, 3615 Lake Avenue
Tribute to City Government John & Bill Kastner Painted mural representing the ideals of local government Rochester City Hall, 30 Church Street
Nathanial Rochester Pepsy M. Kettavong The founder of Rochester, seated on a millstone in a pocket park The corner of Alexander and South Avenues, in the South Wedge
Let's Have Tea Pepsy M. Kettavong Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass sharing a pot of tea Susan B. Anthony Square between Madison and King Streets
Present Passage Larry Kirkland An armillary suspended above a map of the world etched into the floor Lobby, Bausch & Lomb, One Bausch & Lomb Place
Zakor (Remember) David Klass Broken menorah & barbed wire Courtyard, Jewish Community Center, 1200 Edgewood Avenue
School of Fish Paul Knoblauch Fabricated steel fish and a weather vane Rochester Ferry Terminal, 4791 Lake Avenue
Pride Symbols Christine Knoblauch Several fabricated steel symbols Corner of Atlantic and Beacon Street
Bette Midler Bench Paul Knoblauch Forged steel bench with a wave-like pattern back and teak slat seat Gibbs Street at University Avenue, in the Grove Place
Playground Bench Paul Knoblauch A whimsical bench by an artist who works in The Neighborhood of the Arts Meriman Street at University Avenue, in the Neighborhood of the Arts
Planter and Bench Paul Knoblauch A fanciful bench and planter 80 Cascade Drive
Josephine Baker Bench Paul Knoblauch Fanciful bench with teak seat with abstract metal curlicues Corner of Gibbs and University Avenue
Cascade Drive Bench Paul Knoblauch An artist's bench that mimics the now renovated industrial buildings in the Cascade District On Cascade Drive, opposite Bemis Alley
Untitled (Bench) Paul Knoblauch One of Knoblauch's fun art benches Seldon Street, in Grove Place
9/11 Tribute Richard Kron Monument to the firemen lost in the attacks on the Twin Towers in 2001 In front of the Fire Department, Main Street
Sailboats Peter Macon Steel sculpture along the river walk. Rochester Ferry Terminal, 4791 Lake Avenue
  Dancers Peter Macon Abstract steel dancers 10 Seldon Street, in Grove Place
Bus Transfer by the Dixie Wig Ruth Manning Handwoven tapestry Rochester International Airport (Storage), 1200 Brooks Avenue
Rochester Landmarks Richard Margolis Big B&W photographs of Rochester landmarks Rochester International Airport, 1200 Brooks Avenue
  Wall Relief Tom Markusen Wall mounted relief sculpture Red Cross, 75 College Avenue
Massaro Sculpture Garden Vincent Massaro Landscaped yard with fabricated elements, vines, tree debris, and anonymous donations The intersection of Canterbury Road and Harvard Street
Chubby Vincent Massaro A horse and fireman representing the last fire horse in Rochester In front of Craft Company #6, on University Avenue
Cat and Bird Vincent Massaro A bird and cat modeled after student sculptures. Rochester City School #23, 170 Barrington Street
ARTWalk Cat Vincent Massaro A concrete cat on a base, with a time capsule sealed inside Corner of Merriman and University Avenue
Passenger Pigeon Todd McGrain Bronze bird near the ARTWalk Bus Shelter Memorial Art Gallery, 500 University Avenue
The Monument Peter McGrain A huge dichroic glass window that dominates the center of the observation area Rochester International Airport, 1200 Brooks Avenue
Webster Street Garden David Merkel A triangular urban oasis with paths, benches, flowers and landscaping, transformed from a littered empty lot in a transitional neighborhood The corner of Webster and Goodman Streets
Fred & Ginger Arch Miller Pair of dancing shapes Main Street at Scio
U of R Untitled Arch Miller Geologic forms protruding from the earth, at the entrance of the studio art building Joseph Wilson Drive, University of Rochester
Mercury J. Guernsey Mitchell Messenger on top of the Aquaduct Building Aquaduct Street, Between Main and Broad Streets
Three Piece Reclining Figure No. 1 Henry Moore Bronze segments that resemble vertebrae Rochester Institute of Technology
Mountain Piece Hilda Morris Shrouded figures, dancing Memorial Art Gallery, 500 University Avenue
Ivory Soap Sign John Deats and Christine Muratore Perhaps the last original Ivory Soap sign Bittersweet Building, 41 N. Main Street
Merchants Road Mural Rick Muto An active neighborhood scene painted on the side of a building The intersection of Merchants and Culver Roads
Genesee Passage Albert Paley Soaring formed and fabricated steel tower Bausch & Lomb, One Bausch & Lomb Place
Main Street Bridge Railings Albert Paley 10 elaborate railing segments Main Street Bridge across the Genesee River, Downtown

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