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Cathy Feinen Student Sculpture Gardenby Students

Cathy Feinen Student Sculpture Garden
Cathy Feinen Student Sculpture GardenCathy Feinen Student Sculpture Garden - 2Cathy Feinen Student Sculpture Garden - 3Cathy Feinen Student Sculpture Garden - 4Cathy Feinen Student Sculpture Garden - 5Cathy Feinen Student Sculpture Garden - 6Cathy Feinen Student Sculpture Garden - 7
Location: Rochester City School #23, 170 Barrington Street
Rochester, NY (view Google map)
Size: 12' x 12 x 15 Feet Each
Material: Bronze
Dated: 2003

Description: Animal fantasies cast in bronze

Caption: School #23 art teacher, Cathy Feinen, invited Calvin Hubbard to be a guest artist, helping students create fantasy animals in clay. A jury selected 5 to be enlarged and cast in bronze by sculptor Dexter Benedict, and they were installed in the new sculpture garden at the school entrance. In 2004, four more sculptures were added, filling out the sculpture garden that greets students when they arrive in the morning.

The 2003 sculptures:
The Eagle is by Christina McCoy, in the fourth grade (in 2003);
The Leaping Dolphin is by Jesse James, in the fifth grade;
The Reading Bear is by Petra Sosa, in the sixth grade;
The Elephant is by Leah Samson, in the second grade;
The Dragon is by Annette Harris, in the fourth grade.

The 2004 sculptures:
The Penguin is by Gianni Scott, in the second grade (in 2004);
The Wolf is by Meghan Derosia, in the fourth grade;
The Frog is by Tynesha Davis, in the fifth grade;
The Giraffe is by Nygeria Odum, in the first grade.

The group picture includes (right to left) Cathy Feinen, Dexter Benedict, Marlene Blocker (Principal), Calvin Hubbard and Lea McChesney (the project manager).

(Calvin Hubbard) "is an accomplished sculptor, potter, painter, craftsman who completed undergraduate studies in art at North Texas University, Texas Southern University, and R.I.T. He served in the U.S. Army, has been a teacher for 32 years, and owns Turtle Pottery & Gallery."
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