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Massaro Sculpture Garden by Vincent Massaro

Massaro Sculpture Garden
Massaro Sculpture GardenMassaro Sculpture Garden - 2Massaro Sculpture Garden - 3Massaro Sculpture Garden - 4
Location: The intersection of Canterbury Road and Harvard Street
Rochester, NY (view Google map)
Material: Natural & fabricated material
Dated: 1991

Description: Landscaped yard with fabricated elements, vines, tree debris, and anonymous donations

Caption: This project began when the 1991 ice storm deposited tons of material in the yard. Some was hoisted up and suspended overhead. Some was made into creatures or totems. Some was stacked to form a primitive fence. Over the years the display has been refined so that there are now defined areas with borders, paths, arrangements, and a tea garden.

"What I am doing in my yard is not public art in that sense but rather making art in public. It is an extension of what I do inside the studio during the creative process. One plays with materials, ideas, new and old relationships, making small discoveries, observations. Being outside the scale changes, the materials change, and the object now becomes an environment, reflecting my personality and aesthetic."
(Vincent Massaro, July 29, 1992)

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