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Dragonslayer by Jim Gary

Location: Canal View Office Park, Canal View Boulevard
Rochester, NY (view Google map)
Material: Steel scrap, from junk car parts

Description: A dinosaur skeleton sculpture

Caption: Jim Gary, artist, born March 17 1939; died January 14 2006

"The big, gas-guzzling US sedans of the 1960s and 70s are all but extinct. They had been labelled dinosaurs even before they rumbled, brand new, out of showrooms for the last time. From the early 1970s, Jim Gary, a popular self-taught artist, who has died aged 66, put fact and metaphor together: he plundered car scrapyards and used the parts he garnered, from springs and tie-rods to axles and brake shoes, to create his own Jurassic Park of comic and brightly coloured dinosaur skeletons. Automobile oil pans served for faces, while generator fans gave his friendly monsters their characteristic long-lashed eyes. Gary painted the completed skeletons in bright and often lurid colours: 60s and 70s oranges, pinks and purples from cans of authentic automobile paint."
From an article by Andrew Roth in the Guardian, 2/14/06

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