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8 WPA Murals by Carl Peters

8 WPA Murals
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Location: Charlotte High School, 4115 Lake Avenue
Rochester, NY (view Google map)
Size: 19 Feet Tall
Material: Paint on canvas
Dated: 1942

Description: WPA murals in the school auditorium

Caption: There is a campaign to raise funds to restore a series of historic murals in the auditorium. The eight murals, each 19 feet tall, were painted in oil on canvas in 1942 by Carl Peters for the Works Progress Administration (WPA).

"They represent a focus on the community of Charlotte which goes way back before the creation of Rochester as a city as a matter of fact. And so they reflect the history of this area from the Algonquin Indians to current modern, urban industrial America, said Darwin Palmiere, class of 1945".
From a story by Wendy Mills, January 29, 2008 at

For more information look at: "Carl W. Peters: American Scene Painter from Rochester to Rockport", published by the University of Rochester Press in 1999.


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